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Next to the phrase “outdoor activities” there should be a picture of Vashon. It is an island ethic that we do not live to work; we live to play. More accurately, we live to play outdoors..

Sea kayaking, canoeing, sailing, hiking, walking, biking -- all are familiar favorites of the active enthusiast on Vashon-Maury. Which doesn't even begin to take into account the brilliant variety of fun and body-mind-soul nurturing frolic on water, beach and throughout our verdant woodlands.

Whether you want to watch birds, watch Orcas or watch a glorious sunset against the surrounding mountains, Vashon-Maury is the place to come.

Put on your most comfortable moving-about shoes, grab a ferry and you will find what your whole self is needing here.  And don't forget your sunscreen to protect you from the bright-as-can-be rays coming straight at you through our unpolluted skies.

We will fill your lungs with sweet, clean air and your spirit with the most health-giving element of all -- peace.



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