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Vashon-Maury Island is approximately 37 square miles with fifty miles of beachfront, almost one-half of all shoreline in King county, circling the island. 

Wingehaven:   This is a 17.7 acre shoreline-access park.  Most of the park is a designated wetland

Point Heyer i.e. KVI Beach:    Sunbathing, picnicking  and wildlife viewing limited parking  no sanitary facilities- great walking trail along beach at low tide.**** Best place to make a sand castle

Jenson Point:  This beach has a boat launch ramp, good for power boats.  It also is home for Kayak Co where you can rent kayaks and canoes & rowing shells. Classes are also available for all ages. There is a small grassy area with picnic tables along the sandy and cobblestone beach.  Toilet is available and ADA-accessible parking. ****Rent a canoe or kayak and enjoy with the whole family.

Dockton  Park: This offers a swimming beach and fishing access Boat launch and moorage facilities as wells as picnic area with playground area.  Restroom and showers are available.   The Dockton beach is mostly muddy.  ***Great place to paint  or draw

Fern Cove:  13.5 acre home to water fowl, the shoreline is muddy so wear your boots! *** Great for bird watching! 

 Lisabeula:    Beach and fishing access.  5.5 acres with ample parking, Sani-can and hand-carried boat launch.   -This is a campsite on the Washington State Cascadia Marine.   **** Quiet small beach with picnic tables

Maury Island Regional Park:  This park has 303 acres of trails with over a mile long beach.  The parking lot is a 15 min. walk to the partially restored dock. This site is of an old gravel pit.

North End Boat Ramp:  This has a small sandy beach where you can watch  the  ferries  and cargo ships go by.  There’s a boat ramp.  ****Begin your sea kayak trip around Blake island from here!

Point Robinson Lighthouse:   Beach and fishing access .  Walking trails in upper part of park with picnic tables and a great view of sound and shipping lane.  On the Washington state Cascadia Marine Trail for overnight camping and kayakers.

  **** Best place to fly a kite !!

Tramp Harbor Dock:  The dock is a fishing pier with diving access.  The Tramp Harbor beach is muddy but supports a large number of sand dollars.

The book below  it has it all!!   The book gives excellent descriptions of how to walk around the island from beach to beach!

Download parks and their amenities pdf

Vashon-Maury Islands Parks and their amenities click here to download pdf.


Now in its THIRD printing, for visitors and Islanders alike, Walks, Trails and Parks on Vashon Island gives the gift of this little chunk of paradise. With fresh information on new trails and old, it is the definitive guide to everything outdoorsy on Vashon, and it fits comfortably into the smallest day pack, a pocket or purse.

This cool book was assembled by John Gerstle and Susan Sullivan and is the culmination of many years of research, effort, and exploring our trails. It includes everything from a stroll through town to a six-mile low tide beach hike half way around the Island's South end. The authors share their enthusiasm for Vashon's natural beauty in a chatty, conversational style that points out items of interest on each trail while it outlines the pleasures and pitfalls along the way.

Net Proceeds benefit Vashon Park District.  It's a great gift!!!

Get your copy today!  $10 at:

STOV, Sustainable Tourism On Vashon Headquarters, 
17504 Vashon Highway SW,
Vashon, WA 98070

Contact us and we will mail you a copy $10 plus shipping and handling

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