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Drive around our islands and you are likely to see a bumper sticker that reads, "Keep Vashon Full of Small Farms." And that is exactly what we intend to do.

Small farming is a tradition here that goes back as far as the first native peoples who used our islands for crop lands as well as hunting grounds. We honor small farming as the well-tended acreage at the center of our island soul.

A visit to Vashon-Maury is a trip back to the time before the industrialized behemoths of agribusiness crowded the single-family independent farm all but out of existence in American agri-culture.

Small farms of many, many varieties thrive on our islands. They provide jobs, produce marketable products, sustain the families that live on them and grow the good crops that are the basis of our local fresh-food cuisine. Farmers' markets at the Vashon town center and elsewhere give you easy access to sampling the local produce we are so proud of. Or you can go straight to the source. Drive down just about any road or side road on our island and before long you will spot a sign for one of our small farms, inviting you to stop by and sample their wares.

You owe yourself the taste experience of our sun-warmed veggies and the sensual experience of our flowers and plants and  the visual experience of our lush green fields, our stretches of woodland and, of course, the blossoms, blossoms everywhere.

You owe yourself the personal experience of meeting the community of dedicated people who do the hard work that keeps our small farms going and growing in harmony with Mother Nature and through steadfast endurance of her sometimes ravaging moods.

Most of all, you owe yourself the warm welcome that awaits you here amidst our plentiful pastures and embracing fields.

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