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Vashon Island forms a rural outpost in the center of the increasingly industrialized and urbanized Puget Sound region. In the last 150 years massive habitat change on Vashon created a wide variety of habitats that attract a great diversity of bird species for a small area. The mix of forest types, fields, residential area, fresh and saltwater provide a habitat mosaic in which 239 species of birds are recorded for the island.

   Click below for map of Bird watching locations:

    Bird Watching Places on Vashon Map


Favorite Birding Places
Learn about the variety of birding locations to be found on and around Vashon-Maury Island.

Fauntleroy Ferry - Vashon Heights Ferry - Southworth Ferry - Fern Cove - Fishers Pond

Judd Creek - Sunrise Ridge - KVI Beach - Ellisport - Portage - Monument Road - Burton Acres / Jensen Point

Raab's Lagoon - Quartemaster Harbor - Point Robinson - Dockton - Sandy Shores & Gold Beach

Manzanita - Paradise Valley - Westside Highway - Lisabeula - Wax Orchard & Old Mill Road

Westside Beaches - Tahlequah Ferry

   Link to Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society website:

   Vashon- Maury Island Audubon Society


Ed Swan provides natural history wildlife tours that offer the opportunity to see and hear a
great variety of bird species. Gorgeous views of brilliant Wood Ducks, magnificent Bald Eagles,
great numbers of waterfowl and many kinds of woodpeckers, sparrows and finches are too be
expected with any birding tours on Vashon.
** Over 240 species are recorded for Vashon Island, each season presents opportunities to see
many Northwest specialties
** Trips are tailored to focus on particular species on request or to see as many species as
possible or to just enjoy birds and other Island wildlife in Vashon's exquisite natural settings.
** Other regular trips available include the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, the Skagit and
Samish Flats and Mt. Rainier, locations that offer the prospect of seeing a great variety of bird
Rates: $35/hour for up to four persons, the $35 covers the whole group up to four. Additional
persons beyond four cost $5/hour and require the client to provide their own vehicle.
To make arrangements contact: Ed Swan (206) 463-7976,

Ed Swan is the author of The Birds of Vashon Island,2nd edition a natural history columnist for Vashon newspapers and past president of the Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society.


Ed Swan

Mailing Address: 1123SW 212th Pl     Vashon, WA 98070                 .

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