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“In this new century, I believe that more business and personal decisions will be based on “Working in “Harmony with the Earth where everyone and everything will prosper. We will be guided by our spirit voice along the path that leads to thriving”

                        Jim Stewart… specialty coffee and fair trade pioneer.


“Working directly with the people, The Vashon Island Coffee Foundation, a non-profit organization rewards individuals that practice traditional farming methods to produce high quality coffee”


Rodda Store – Originally the Anway and McLean Store 1910. Currently,
The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie.

Jim Stewart has visited the tiniest farms and the largest plantations of the world, buying coffee and witnessing for himself the living conditions of the simple farmers and the impact of “modern” agricultural practices on the land. Farmers do not have to join a group or organization to benefit from the profits. They do not have to pay to participate in a larger marketplace, unlike other organizations. They simply have to follow agricultural “best practices” for producing premium specialty coffee. Because of these efforts, the majestic land is spared the ravages of slash and burn agriculture in favor of sustainable farming and the local people and their families are able to prosper and remain intact.

The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie sources coffee beans through Jims Foundation and is grateful for the opportunity to learn the ways of coffee through his stories and experience and to continue in the history and in the traditions that Jim with the help of others started here over 25 years ago. We still, hand roast rare exquisite coffees of legendary flavor that you can feel good about buying.  ~ Eva ~

The Roasterie employs island residents and supports other island businesses, community arts, nonprofit organizations and local schools. They contribute a portion of their retail sales to organizations and individuals committed to the reclamation and restoration of indigenous cultures and the natural environment.

Read more about the foundation and Vashon’s “Sister City Coffee” at

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The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie

Personalized tours of The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie and the Minglement establishment take you back to the early beginnings of specialty coffee here in America.

  •   Learn about the bean roasting process while you actually watch it occur. (Call ahead for roasting times)
  •   Experience the aroma of traditionally grown, fresh-roasted beans and find out why they are so special
  •   Find out about the historic coffee equipment and try an espresso made on their hand pressed espresso machine – one of only three in use the Seattle area
  •  On the tour you will receive an 8oz drink of fresh-brewed coffee or tea and fresh organic donuts and fruit and a sample of Vashon’s Sister City Coffee beans

Time frame:  45 min.
Cost: $15 per person
Group size: Up to 10 people
Summer: Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:30 AM
Please call ahead for reservations

* Private coffee cupping demonstrations upon special arrangement (4 people maximum).

Address: 19529 Vashon Hwy SW,
Vashon Island, WA 98070
Contact: 206-463-9800

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