Island Heritage

Japanese Heritage

This day will give a unique glimpse into time - from mid 16th Century Japan to the  strawberry fields of modern Vashon Island.  Learn about the intriguing history of the Mukai family strawberry farm (known world wide in mid 1900's for their renowned strawberries).  Speak with Mary Matthews, president of the foundation to preserve the Mukai legacy.  Meet author of:” Looking Like the Enemy” and speaker Mary Matsuda Gruenwald, and tea ceremony master, Paul Motoyoshi, who will prepare your dinner and tea in the classic style.  You will experience Paul’s exquisite five course sushi dinner and tea ceremony in the historic Mukai family Japanese American home. 


  • Private tour of Vashon Heritage Museum
  • Tour of the Mukai residence and strawberry fields
  • Video presentation:  Estelle Ishigo’s experience in camp during WWII
  • Speaker: Mary Matsuda Gruenewald
  • *Five Course Sushi Dinner and demonstration
  • **Tea Ceremony

Timeframe:   12:30 - 8:00 pm
Dates:             July 29th & August 12th
Group size:   Max. 16 people
Cost p.p.:      $125

Paul Motoyoshi
27712 - 140TH Ave SW
Vashon, Washington  98070
Phone:  206-463-5605

* Spectacular Sushi

A Full Five Course Sushi Dinner

plus demonstration

  • A Hearty Winter-Style Miso Soup
  • Lox Salmon Sushi Appetizer with Lime
  • Dragon Sushi
  • Sushi Tower
  • Festive Dessert
  • Matcha Tea (Yes!)

Since a tea practitioner must be familiar with the production and types of tea, with kimono, calligraphy, flower arranging, ceramics, incense and a wide range of other disciplines and traditional arts in addition to his or her school's tea practices, the study of the tea ceremony takes many years and often lasts a lifetime.

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