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The Sustainable Tourism On Vashon, (STOV) offers classes, educational tours and activities that are small scale, low impact, culturally sensitive, community orientated, primarily nature based, educational and capable of broadening peoples minds and enlivening their souls that provide a unique experience, firmly grounded in sustainable principles and practices.

Mission Statement

  • Sustainable Tourism on Vashon promotes local activities that supports an economic self - sustaining lifestyle and offer artistic, agricultural, ecological and historically conscious events and programs that connect our island globally and each other through education.
  • STOV unites our conservation efforts and celebrations, with our community, and travelers.
  • STOV's purpose is to enable our community, to thrive economically while preserving and restoring the natural resources and beauty upon which our community depends within the limitations of the island's isolation.
  • STOV is dedicated to providing educational workshops and outreach services lead by a professional volunteer Speakers Bureau. These programs encourage deeper understanding of the islands fragile natural environment, culture, heritage and to preserve these for generations to come. Outreach services and educational workshops will be offered to our community and visitors.


  • To promote economically viable, culturally/environmentally responsible courses and activities (STOV) will:
  •  Promote Vashon/Maury Islands as a destination for artistic, agricultural, ecological and historical tourism.   
  • Preserve the beauty and rural nature of our islands with  King county’s protection as a  rural treasure for a culturally and ecologically responsible tourism destination
  • Promote travel to sustain the Vashon/Maury Island population and encourage conservation while broadening the minds and enlivening the souls of community residents and visitors.

 STOV will pursue avenues that increase economic stability for residents who expand their careers to focus on education and activities that encourage deeper understanding of our fragile natural environment and the preservation of that environment for generations to come.

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