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                                            Ecotourism is” responsible travel to natural areas." The kind of travel that "conserves the environment and improves the well-being of the local people.

"Vashon-Maury Islands are definitely a natural area. We have  three small town centers-- one in the center of the of Vashon, one in the center of the island and one in the center of the even smaller area called Burton.

The rest of Vashon-Maury is basically nature.

Some of that nature is living space -- homes, homesteads and small farms. We have two small subdivisions, no more. Early on, wise local leadership prevented the spread of subdivisions and their burden on the ecology by limiting purchasable lot size to five or ten acre plots. Even those plots are limited in the development that can be done there.

On Vashon-Maury our ecology is our priority.

We are a living example of how a community can function ecologically and thrive as a healthy environment for all who reside here, plants and animals, human or otherwise.

We invite you to experience our ecological lifestyle first-hand. Come to Vashon-Maury and see for yourself. Day-to-day living proof of what the theorists claim. Ecological living works! It works for us. It can work for you and your community, too.

Come to Vashon-Maury where you will look, learn and live a little of how we do our very best to live in harmony with our environment. Take your experience home with you and become, not just an Ecotourist, but an Ecocitizen of your personal island, wherever that may be.

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